Our Ministry Partners

This networking ministry is open to all helping people, churches, ministries and organizations at work within the Edgewood ISD school boundaries.  There is no cost and we meet for dinner at 6:00 on the 2nd Tuesday evening in January, April, July, September and November.  Contact Pastor Alan Van Hooser at 903-896-4935, revavanhooser@aol.com or www.cheathamumc.net


Partner Organization: Cheatham Memorial United Methodist Church

Contact People: Rev. Alan van Hooser, Judi Yarbrough

Address:      205 S. Houston/PO Box 800, Edgewood, TX  75117

Cell Phone: 903-896-4935

Email :    cmumcsec@yahoo.com                                    Website :www.cheathamumc.net

Description: A Christian congregation providing worship and a variety of educational and relief ministries to our community. School Supplies, “GO Bags” supplemental food, on-campus pantries and other support are provided through our working partners.


Partner Organization: The City of Edgewood

Contact People: Steve Steadham or Petra Pickens


Cell Phone:903-896-4448

Email :                                                                        Website :

Description: Provide a variety of municipal services and communications

Partner Organization: Edgewood Independent School District

Contact People: Kristin Prater

Address:  804 E. Pine, Edgewood, TX  75117

Cell Phone:903-896-4332

Email :    kprater@edgewood-isd.net                                                                    Website :

Description: Provider of educational service and a contact for students and families with special need that cant always be met through ISD programs.

Partner Organization:Edgewood Police Department

Contact People: Chief David Hammonds, Robert Dearing

Address:     105 E. North Front St, Edgewood, TX  75117

Cell Phone: 903-896-4100

Email :  rdearing@policeedgewoodtexas.com                           Website :

Description: Provider of municipal law enforcement and a hub for helping citizens in need. A student safety ID program is in the planning stage through these working partners.


Partner Organization: Edgewood Housing Authority

Contact People: Janice Wingo

Address:  PO Box 25

Cell Phone:903-896-4655

Email :       ewha242@sbcglobal.net                                      Website :

Description: Low rent apartment and rental assistance in Van Zandt County.


Partner Organization: Edgewood Seniors Community

Contact People: Denise Williams

Address:  300 E. Elm Circle, Edgewood, TX  75117

Cell Phone: 903-896-1163

Email :   edgewoodseniors@yahoo.com                                                              Website :

Description:Low income housing at market value, USDA and voucher assisted rents

Partner Organization: Heritage Park Museum of East Texas

Contact People:

Address:                             Edgewood, TX  75117

Cell Phone:903-896-1940

Email :    Pattizo@sbcglobal.net                                                               Website : http://www.edgewoodheritagepark.org

Description: Group tours, Wedding venue and community celebrations along with numerous special events.


Partner Organization: Hope Kids

Contact People: Bridget Anheim, Jessica Glenn

Address:  PO Box 1628

Cell Phone: 8009319-5845

Email :   info@hopekids.org                                       Website :

Description: Support for families with extremely ill children.  Prayer, Hospital visits, and outings are provided through Medical City Childrens hospital


Partner Organization: Manna Incorporated

Contact People: Kathy Silver, Dick Patterson

Address:     17897 FM 1255, Canton, TX 75103

Cell Phone:903-567-6107

Email :  manna@etcable.net                                 Website :

Description: A food bank providing food and other necessities for those in need


Partner Organization: Meals on Wheels

Contact People:   Sherry and Jonathan Gray

Address:   109 N. Houston, Edgewood TX 75117

Cell Phone:903-928-8913

Email :  Sherrylgray@hotmail.com                                      Website :

Description: Provider of hot food delivery to senior citizens.  Also a co-host for our Free Community Lunch on the Last Wednesday of the Month from 11:00 -1:00


Partner Organization: Stonepoint Church

Contact People: Dick Patterson, Archie Engledow

Address:   PO Box 746

Cell Phone:214-537-7803

Email :    dick.patterson@stonepointchurch.com                                                            Website :www.stonepointchurch.com


Partner Organization: The US Postal Service

Contact People: Chuck Webb, Post Master

Address:  100 N.  Main, Edgewood, TX 75117

Cell Phone:903-896-1412

Email :    Charles.r.webb@usps.gov                        Website : http://www.usps.gov

Description: A hub for information connecting the entire town along with the usual federal mail services.